Obesity and Political Correctness Will Eventually Make COVID Look Like Child’s Play.

*Article was written prior to the 2020 election***

Some say that the country is so divided that it hardly matters who’s in the White House. The conservative right and the phony liberal left can’t find common ground… you’re either in one camp or the other! Right?? NO!! — THERE IS ONE SUBJECT THAT BOTH SIDES AGREE ON. And this is a big subject, a really big one — -but no one’s talking about it — it’s a hot potato. And a pun.

During the recent Presidential campaign, the Democrats attacked the Republicans and demanded an explanation about why Covid is worse here? Why do we have more cases and worse outcomes than in other countries? A perfect opportunity for the Republicans to attack and say the real reason is that we are the fattest of the fat. So easy to shut down the conversation and defend the Trump administration. But they didn’t. Even conservative Republicans won’t touch this body subject. Even when they could have scored points and maybe won the election!!

This obesity subject is so politically incorrect that only Bill Maher has asked why Dr. Fauci didn’t simply say wear a mask, wash your hands before you eat, but don’t eat too much. Close your mouth sooner and open it less often! That’s it, folks!

Soon Covid will be over and Trump will be gone and we’re going to have to face another big issue. What will the Phony Liberal Media report on? It’s tricky because Americans live in a landscape of PC body-positivity, size-inclusivity, “everybody is beautiful” way of talking about our physicality. Meanwhile, nobody’s feelings should get hurt and everyone should feel good. Such a happy wellness world. But what’s coming is an unwellness that we cannot euphemize away. In a few years, 75% of American adults will be unwell because of wellness. And the term “pre-existing condition” will be an oxymoron.

The CDC reports that 88 million of our 209 million adults are Pre-diabetic. Of course, those are pre-Covid numbers. Add the “Covid 15” and maybe we are at 95 million or more! And 34 million have diabetes. Probably more now since some of the PREs will have migrated to the big D. Tick tock Tick tock ….

Since the economy is unwell too, there will be food lines. This is the kind of story that the Wimpy Liberal Media loves. A recent segment on CNN about San Antonio Texas had lines of cars with the trunks popped open so that a volunteer could shove in a box of food for the hungry. The drivers were so obese they had to move the seats all the way back so they could fit behind the steering wheels. Apparently, no one noticed.

Everyone in America is hungry — even millionaires — which is why we are lugging around 8 billion extra pounds. This hunger is obviously not physiological like it is for ONE billion people on this planet who are underfed and underweight. They need many meals. Here in the USA, the hungry have already eaten six months of future meals. Still, the phony liberal wellness bitch media continues to phone in their stories about green smoothies and the latest superfood and now food insecurity.

The Elephant in the room is Refrigerator-sized humans who are hard to miss. The phony liberal media makes sure this fact stays hidden to avoid embarrassment so we can skirt the issues and be politically correct. We have turned obesity — which is cut-and-dry… a 35” waistline means one is obese — — into an issue that nobody can think or talk about with a level head. If we take the sensitivity out of this equation, we could confront our size — 72% of us are too big according to our CDC. This statistic makes Public Health PHDs very uncomfortable.

This PC approach touted by the phony liberal media isn’t just harming our bodies. It is reinforcing our tendency to oversensitivity and weakness. Wimpy Woke Weak and PC ruined the economy which should never have been shut. Remember what happened the last time we closed down the country? Quarantine prevented some deaths. But today, how many of the living wish they were dead? This may sound hyperbolic, but let’s look at the facts…

In recent months, 1 in 4 young people have considered suicide and the rate is going up. NINE NYC cab drivers have killed themselves. So, let’s tally up the suicides; the cases of depressions; and people taking more opioids. What does the Covid death toll look like now?

To put this into perspective — do you know how many people die every day, not due to Covid? 150,000 people die every single day around the world. In the US, 7,500 people die every day. Is that a lot? No, because more are born than die. We add 90 million bodies to the planet every year. Now we are at 7.9 billion. Most economists and global warming scientists say 9 billion is an issue. Ten billion is not viable. And the population of Africa will double by 2050. And since one billion are obese right now, it seems that we may actually be at 8.5 billion bodies because to transport or feed a 300 pounder requires more energy. Yes, climate change and fatness are connected.

Wellness is a phony word that the liberals dreamed up to cover up the failure of fitness and nutrition. As we gained weight, we fell for the diets and “Fat Burning “exercise. The more we exercised and dieted, the more we overate or in reality binged. Eating what you don’t want because it is “healthy” is a direct line to binging on what you do like. We can’t eat our way out of fatness by consuming “healthy.” Even though the CDC manipulated the BMI chart to enable us to add 20-pounds of padding so that fewer people are classified as obese, the diabetes stats show the real numbers. And remember we traded adult pacifiers — cigarettes, pipes, and cigars (which people have been enjoying for only 4,000 years) — so we would become healthy. Without our adult pacifiers to soothe us and reduce our gargantuan appetite, we ballooned. In fact, a recent article in TIME called cigarettes an APPETITE SUPPRESSANT and added that going from a population where 50% smoked to one where only 14% “smoke” gave us obesity. And check out the NYTimes 12/19/2004. https://www.nytimes.com/2004/12/19/weekinreview/exchanging-cigarettes-for-bagels. Espousing health led us to our current state of un-healthiness.

Like this pandemic, during which the phony & wimpy liberal media blamed the Republicans, we blame others for our size. It’s always someone else’s fault — McDonald’s, Doritos, Netflix… instead of the American culture of overconsumption. But with 70% of our GNP in consumer spending, we need to keep buying stuff we don’t need with money we don’t have. So simple to RAISE food prices and REDUCE food portions. Instead, we are told to LOAD up our plates with VEGGIES and stretch our stomachs so we consume more when we binge.

It’s too simple to make the food biz work better so we support those in the fields and everyone else including those who work in restaurants. Maybe Juan’s story can give us a direction:

For 40 years, Juan has been a superintendent at the building where I work. He is now trim and handsome and in his 70s. But back in 2005, I noticed that he had “sized up” and was carrying 25–30 extra pounds on his 5’3” frame.

This is particularly bad because he’s Hispanic and this group along with African Americans and Native Americans have a propensity to develop diabetes if obese. And their rates of obesity are the highest. Plus, most of this group doesn’t have the best health insurance. This trifecta didn’t bode well for Juan.

One day, I told Juan he had to lose weight. Our style of communication — a few words of English a few words of Spanish, and a lot of pointing — is because I don’t speak Spanish and he doesn’t speak English.

Juan’s not a touchy-feely kind of guy so I didn’t have to beat around the bush. To get the message across, I pointed to his midsection and said “no bueno” and “usted es con babe.” I couldn’t think of the word for “you look pregnant” so I said “with a baby” and he laughed.

Normally, people would go on to ask me about diets and exercises not just because that is my business but also because they believe in these foolish weight loss regimens. Of course, Juan didn’t ask because he knew nothing about organic foods or green smoothies or Soul Cycle. or Gluten. Or Keto. or Vegan, etc. He didn’t have technical skills so he couldn’t access 80Bites.com my online program to “shrink” the stomach. So, I just told him, “you have to close your mouth sooner and stop eating so much and so often. Just stop it!” I said it so loudly in a mix of bad Spanglish that he had to pay attention. He laughed, shook his head, and said he’d do it. A year or two later all the weight had disappeared.

And unlike the Wellness Bitches who are suckered into “healthy” diets and wimpy retreats, Juan lost the weight permanently. How? He reduced consumption. I don’t know what he eats and I don’t care. He “shrunk” his stomach. Close your mouth sooner and stop eating so much and so often — that’s it!

If you need more proof, get this — a professor of nutrition literally went on a Hostess Twinkie diet. He lost 20 pounds just to prove that it doesn’t matter what you eat — you just have to eat less of whatever it is that you’re eating. Of course, this is upsetting to wellness bitches because they want to blame everything on McDonald’s and “unhealthy” foods so they can continue to make money with green smoothies and overpriced exercise.

Our CDC — the no need to wear masks & stay inside and then masks always and stay outdoors and then masks protect others but not you and recently YES masks protect your precious fat body — have avoided blame. They have not changed their manipulated BMI to reveal the facts: over 50% of us are obese. We don’t want Americans to know they are fat. This would be upsetting. Speaking of upsetting people — here’s the real reason why the US left the WHO.

It’s because the WHO says that obesity isn’t determined by BMI but by the waistline. If your waistline is 35” or more you’re obese. But measuring waistline (which has been done in Japan since 2008 with great success) is very telling. So, of course, we don’t do that in America because we think that nobody should feel bad and everyone should have a seat at the table. Even if they don’t know a fish fork from a dessert spoon.

Then, the second pronouncement from WHO sealed our departure: the WHO said that obesity will cause society more than smoking ever would. That’s why America had to leave because we can’t admit that we got it wrong. We had to keep pumping out the body-positivity size-inclusivity rhetoric and the phony approach to eating because that’ll make money for the wellness crowd who have the money and education and power to dominate the conversation.

Here’s another example of how we refuse to see the obvious and connect the dots.

CNN aired a special on Venezuela. They interviewed a guy in his 30s who prior to the food shortages looked like fat Chávez. Now, this guy’s belt is 6” smaller. He’s trim and handsome. Probably Whole Foods opened markets in all the towns and cities.! And CrossFit has locations everywhere in Venezuela. Must be. Guess Soul Cycle will be there soon. This is why the average weight loss in Venezuela is 24 pounds!!!

And watch the TV program called 600-pound Life wherein one episode a husband had to wipe his wife’s ass on TV because she couldn’t reach it at 740 pounds. YOU missed it?? Too bad because the Chinese are watching. What would they do if 50% of their 1.3 billion had sized up? They know that this would impact their plan to displace the US as #1. How fast would those 750 million bodies find themselves with little to eat?? Forget making America great again… we’re in Wimpville USA where everybody has an issue and everybody is touchy. No one seems to be able or willing to face the music because it’s uncomfortable. Changing of the guards in Washington can’t make this better because what’s wrong is larger than our dress size.

Our bodies are broken and the country is broken. New faces in Washington and it’ll be different, but it won’t be better. It’s time to stop listening to the electorate and start LOOKING at their bodies. You can’t see if you don’t look.

-“Samantha Stomach” is an inventor with 9 US Patents and the creator of 80BITES: The Dancers’ Diet (www.80bites.com)