Obesity is not eating too many calories at a meal. Obesity is BINGING and no one knwos those calories and it hardly matters. Hormoens Rule . Each binge stretches the stomach and screws up the hormones. Exericse as the author pointed out is NOT a weight loss solution. Go to a manicure shop and see skinny Asians sit for hours polishing the nails of obese females. ONLY one thing matters: QUANTITY consumed and eating whatever you like so you don't binge. NOW with inlfation it will get expensive. The economy would really suffer if the obese-- about 154 millin-- 60% NOT 42%-- ate LESS. Most have already eaten six months of meals.

Thin people like me don't feel good in Air Conditioned rooms. BUT the AC is on alll the time for most Ameicans because they are obese. I am thin & I never go anywhere without a warm scarp or sweater even in summer since the AC makes me feel so chilled. AC is BAD for the environment . If yu are cold you can add layers but you can't be naked if you are insulated with fat.

Any adult person who wants to eat a frozen twinkee has a palate issue that can't be solved by pretending twinkees have toxins. Ethiopia woudl love some winkees now. . So unsophisticated. Most food in this country has few nutrients -- no taste no nutrition. BINGING is why we are fat Not beucse someone ate a twinkee. A professor of nutrition went on a twinkee diet & los 27 pounds. http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/11/08/twinkie.diet.professor/index.html

ONE billions people are starvng. LOOK now at the photos in Ethiopia. Wellness Bitches think they are not eating-- they are NOURISHING theri patethic bodies. 60% of Americans could eat nothing for 6 months and then they woudl not be so obese. Suckered influencers may actualy believe they need to eat or maybe they are as PHONY as the CDC & BIZ for consumerism to keep growing as we grow.

Obviously religion in America is just identity politics. NO one beleives it since it is obviously silly. PLUS, JC --if he lived-- evidence is there was no JC-- was 5'5" tall. dark skin; big nose; kinky hair. the quintessential dirty "little jew" -- the white guy who is 6'3" with light eyes and bond hair would have been a FREAK 2000 years ago in Palestine.

Sorry. Strenuous EXERCISE IMPEDES fat loss for obese bodies. See NYTimes aarticle from Gretchen Reynolds AND the previous HUNTER Gathers WO from 7 years ago. Strenuous exercise makes one hungry and raises cortisol levels that eally make one hungry & releases more free ratidacals & hurt joints and make one hugnry etc. Do not do strenuous exercise if one is fat. Do gentle moves. Ligaments may already be overstretched fromr the weihgt. Surely , the body is totally unbalnced by the weight. The fatter you are the more energy is conserved during exercise. Biggest loser proved how Eat Healthy & exercise MORE is the WRONG formula.

Bill Maher addressed this phobia subject last night on his show Real Time. We have a population that knowing the USA is in DECLINE and China will rule give into their lowest parts. But in five years when half the poulation has diabetes Covid will be just kindergarten. The res t of the world laughs at us. HUGE OBESE bloated bodies that take up too much space and consume more resources then they should EATING MORE than their share and for 60% very little is needed since they already have onboard calories from overeating.

Sam Stomach

Inventor, holder of 9 US Patents for health and beauty products; Author of The Body Biz, Suckered in Wellness & 80Bites: The Dancers’ Diet.

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